Pre-Award Matrix: Use for reference on which documents are required for review

K-Series NIH General Checklist - Semel OES v. June 2016: Items generally needed for K award proposals

R-Series NIH General Checklist - Semel OES v. July 2016: Items generally needed for R21/R01 proposals

F31 & F32 Checklist: Items generally needed for F31/F31 proposals

Bio vs Other Support: Formatting and content differences between the two documents

Internal Forms

EPASS & EPASS Instructions: Required for all proposal submissions

eDGE Disclosure Tracking Forms: Required for progress reports to agencies covered under PHS

Cayuse Access Form: Gain access to Cayuse; UCLA’s proposal submission system

Subrecipient Commitment Form: Required for each subaward in the proposal

Multi-campus Award Form: Required for each UC subaward in the proposal (in lieu of Subrecipient form)


NIH Budget Template

NIH Budget Justification (sample)

NIH Additional Narrative Justification (sample)

Conflict of Interest

Form 740: Required for Federal agencies NOT covered under PHS

Form 740 Supplement

Form 700U: Required for private non-profit and for-profit sponsors (original wet ink signature is mandatory)

Form 700U Addendum: Required anytime the 700U is submitted

Form 700U Supplement

UCLA Links

CAYUSE: UCLA's proposal submission system. Complete the Cayuse Access Form to gain access

eDGE: Conflict of interest certification

Commonly Needed Information

Composite benefit rates

Graduate student salaries

Graduate Student Tuition

Title & Pay plan

Members of Academic Senate

Agencies covered under PHS

Limited Submissions

UCLA's General Liability Insurance

UCLA's Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF)

NIH Links

Salary cap

Standard Due dates

Page limits

Parent Annoucements

eRA Commons

SF424 Proposal Guidelines

RPPR (progress report) Guidelines

Fellowship Guidelines

Continuous Submissions

Grant overview process