To reduce time preparation on both sides, during proposal planning phase email the Office of Extramural Support (OES) the following information:

  • PI name(s)
  • Funding agency
  • Opportunity announcement/guidelines
  • Sponsor deadline

Deadines for NIH proposals:

  • Total Direct Costs (TDC) < 500k per budget year: 5 business days prior to sponsor deadline
  • Total Direct Costs (TDC) > 500k per budget year: 8 business days prior to sponsor deadline

Deadlines for Non-NIH proposals:

  • 8 business days prior to sponsor deadline in order to meet OCGA's 5 business deadline policy

Requirements for Proposal Review
  • Completed EPASS with PI Signature
  • Sponsor Guidelines
  • All Sponsor forms requiring OCGA signature
  • Final Budget and Budget Justification
  • Full Application (Cayuse)/Scope of Work
  • Subaward documents (if applicable)
  • Biosketches
  • Completed Conflict of Interest

Requirements for Proposal Submission
  • All proposals to external sponsors require departmental review and approval prior to submission.
  • Proposals that are submitted to external sponsor without prior review and approval from the department may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Chair and the Office of Contract and Grant Administration

PI Eligibility
  • Any UCLA faculty, staff or student may submit a proposal if they meet sponsor requirements
  • Applicants not covered by policy 900 require a signed PI exception letter prior to submission. Visit UCLA Policy 900 for more information

Department Administrator Responsibility
  • Assisting PIs in preparation of contract and grant application for sponsored projects and programs
  • Work with OES to resolve pre-award issues prior to proposal submission
  • Administrators should not contact the Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) directly; all correspondence with OCGA should be facilitated by OES

Budget Development
  • Internal detailed budget is always required for all proposal submissions, even if the sponsor does not require it

Cost Share and Unfunded Effort
  • If Cost Sharing is involved, each budget period should include columns for both Sponsor and the University costs
  • The applicant must provide the source FAU to be charged for the cost share and unfunded effort expenses on the project
  • Large Cost Share and Unfunded effort commitments will need approval by the Chair; the availability of funds will be verified by pre-award reviewers

  • The salary category should include names of all individuals who will be involved in the project, if known, otherwise use To Be Named (TBN) and job classification based on the Title and Pay Plan
  • The salary for TBN personnel should fall within the range of the selected title
  • Guidelines should be consulted for agency-specific salary caps. Salary caps should not be used on proposals to agencies that do not apply caps

Fringe Benefits
  • Actual benefit rates should be used in most cases to ensure accuracy of the budget
  • Composite Benefit Rates must be used for TBN positions

  • Consultants may not be current UCLA employees. If they are, they must be paid through the University Payroll system

  • Unless expressly prohibited by the sponsor, full tuition is required for Graduate Students who are contributing 25% effort or more. See Graduate Student Fees and & Fee Remissions for more information on current rates

Indirect Costs
  • Proposal budgets are expected to include UCLA's negotiated F&A rate or the maximum indirect cost rate allowable by the sponsor. See UCLA's F&A Rates for more information
  • Any budget that does not include full recovery allowed must be accompanied by a written request to waive the indirect cost recovery
  • Only the Vice Chancellor of Research can approve the waiver for indirect cost recovery. Approvals will be granted on case by case basis