Effort is defined as the amount of time spent on a particular activity. This includes the time spent working on a sponsored project in which salary is directly charged or contributed/cost-shared.

Effort reporting is the method of certifying to the granting agencies that the effort required as a condition of the award has actually been completed. Federal regulations require that any individual committing effort on a federal or federal flow-through contract or grant certify that the salary charged or cost shared by the institution is reasonable in relation to the effort expended on that project. 2 CFR 220 (formerly OMB Circular A-21) sets the criteria for acceptable methods of charging salaries and wages to federally sponsored projects, and requires that institutions follow acceptable methods for documenting the distribution of effort for all project personnel.

Effort that has been directly charged to the federal or federal flow-through fund must be certified. Committed Cost Sharing (i.e., mandatory and voluntary committed cost sharing) must also be substantiated by effort certification.

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