Close-out Due Dates

Please visit: EFM's Due dates

Preparation of Close-outs

Department Administrator Responsibility
  • Work with their PI and fund manager to ensure timely submission of COP to central EFM office
  • Contact Sub-awardees/Intercampus sub-awards to ensure receipt of all final invoices within 45 days after budget/project end date
  • Administrators should not contact the Office of Extramural Funds Management (EFM) directly; all correspondence with EFM should be facilitated by OES. All Close-out packets are submitted to EFM through OES
  • All non-standard reporting format and invoicing format must be completed by Administrators and forward to OES for their review and submission to EFM
  • If award contains cost-share component administrators must complete cost-share form and send to OES along with back-up documents. See the Cost-Share Form

PI responsibility in Close-outs
  • Complete final progress report and submit to OES for their review and submission to Office of Contract and Grants Administration (OCGA)
  • Complete final Scientific report and Invention report
  • Ensure all ERS (Effort Reports) on accurate and certified
  • All Close-out packets prepared by OES fund manager whether interim/annual or final must be certified by PI

Department Responsibility

The department is to maintain appropriate and sufficient supporting documentation for all transactions posted to the funds as the office of records per UCLA guidelines. In the event an of audit, the department is to provide EFM with requested documents to support any questioned transactions and to be responsible for the expenses that are concluded unallowable and/or inapplicable by the auditor.


If the award contains restricted funding, please identify allocation of those funds, expenditures and remaining balance.

Fixed Price Contracts and Clinical Trial awards where 913 policy applies

Please visit:

Semel Policy

All closing procedures apply to such awards. In addition the Semel Policy 913 Certification Memo must be completed identifying total funds received, total expenditures and remaining balance and be certified by the PI:

Balances over 25% require justification as to why such a balance remains in letter format addressed to Marcia Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor, ORA and certified by PI All such letters must be forwarded to OES for their review and submission to EFM.

Cost-Share Reporting

PI’s and Department Administrator’s responsibilities:

  • If an award contains a cost-share, component PI’s must ensure that they meet that requirement. All cost-share costs should be applied to an unrestricted FAU/funding source. At time of reporting such costs to the sponsor PI and department administrator must supply their fund manager with that FAU along with back-up documents identifying those specific cost-share costs. PI is to approve and certify those costs once their OES fund manager has completed the Cost-Share form

Please visit EFM-Cost Sharing for more information.

Relinquishing Grants

Please see sponsor’s guidelines for relinquishing awards:

OCGA and EFM should be notified at least 3 months prior to relinquish date of award at UCLA. This should be done through OES.
PI and Administrator should work with their fund manager in calculating the estimated balance remaining on relinquished end date.