After OCGA sets up the award, credit Transers of Funds usually reflect new appropriations that are allocated into a fund by EFM or other Department on campus. Visit OCGA's website

Receipt check from sponsor

All checks from sponsor should be deposited upon receiving; administrators forward checks to fund manager to process the deposit.

Single fund number exception (SFN)

Awards will stay with the same fund number until a new award under a separate competing proposal is awarded. Policy and Procedure: PI of the home department provides justification for the SFN request, fund manager submits the request to OCGA along with other necessary documents.

See FAQ for more information.

See Single Fund Exception form

Request for Authorization to Spend Funds (RAS)

Establish a fund number for an extramural funded project prior to the receipt of the actual award from the Sponsor.

Policy and Procedure:

  • Administrator prepares the RAS, notice of Award or other documentation to serve as guarantee what amount of funding is approved by Sponsor IRB or ARC approval notice for this project, if applicable.
  • Send documents to OES fund manager for review to obtain signatures from Department Chair and Director of OES
  • OES Fund manager send the whole package to Grant Analyst at OCGA.

Notes: Generally requests are for up to 25% total cost of the budget and for a 3 month time period. If funding falls through, any expenses incurred are the responsibility of the PI.

Carry Forward Request

Requests unspent funds from one budget period be carried-over & used to the following, continuation budget period.

Policy and Procedure:

  • Cover letter from PI – include:
    • Award#
    • Project Title
    • PI's name
    • Budget Period
    • Explanation of:
      • Why there are funds remaining
      • What they will be used for in the coming year
      • How the additional funds will benefit/impact the overall project
  • Administrator prepare the detail budget, budget justification
  • OES Fund manager reviews and checks the figures match with FFR from EFM
  • Fund manager send the whole package to Grant Analyst at OCGA, the cover letter needs to be co-signed by OCGA.

Notes: Unless restricted on the terms of the award, this action is generally allowable under FDP or expanded authorities. There is no guarantee that carry-over request will be approved at the level requested. Be sure not to spend the funds until approval has been obtained.

Significant Rebudgeting Requests

Requests approval to rebudget a single DC category over 25% of total awarded. Does not apply to Modular budgets.

  • Justification from PI includes:
    • Award #
    • Project Title
    • PI Name
    • Budget Period
    • Amount of funds to be re-budgeted
    • Which budget categories funds will be moved from/to
    • Implications on F&A costs
    • Whether there will be a change in scope of work
    • Assurance the request will not change existing total cost commitment for current and future budget periods
  • Administrator prepare other documents:
    • Biosketch of any new key personnel
    • Details Budget
    • Budget Justification-justify every category
  • OES fund manager reviews all documents and send it to Grant Analyst at OCGA; OCGA will submit the documents along with co-signing letter to the agency

Notes: For those not under FDP or expanded authority, create cover letter with same justification information & forward additional paperwork.

See the Prior Approval form

Any other type of prior approval request

PI will need to provide the justification, administrators prepare all other required documents and OES fund manager reviews and sends the documents to Grant Analyst at OCGA.

See the Request for Approval of Administration Action

Subaward & Multi-Campus Award set-up

See our Subaward/Multi-Campus Award Guide for more information on the steps required to set up Subawards and Multi-Campus awards.