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See the Clinical Trial Phases

Clinical Trial Pre-Award

1. IRB and other necessary approvals are submitted

2. Coverage Analysis Decision Tree, please elect your contract type and route the necessary paperwork. See the CTAO Checklist

3. Administrators develop a draft clinical trial/study budget. See the Clinical Trials Budget template

4. Submit the documents, Sponsor contract/budget, and the draft UCLA budget to Jennifer Nishikawa

5. Pre-review for initial coverage analysis

6. Reviewed budget is sent to CTAO for pre-coverage analysis approval

7. Once approved, the budget is negotiated with the Sponsor

8. Changes are reviewed by CTAO for final Coverage Analysis approval

9. Contract signed

10. Target turnaround time: 4-6 weeks

Clinical Trial Post-Award

1. Award Synopsis

2. Request a recharge ID for your fund manager

3. Administrator reviews contract for invoice maintenance

4. Invoices/Payment Collections

5. Prepare for closure

  • Invoice/Collect final payment)
  • Move all salaries
  • Certify ERS
  • Work with fund manager to resolve any issues

Clinical Trial Closure

1. Closeout packet

2. Signed Certification

3. Records to storage