Whom should I contact regarding information on a new clinical trial?

OES Contact - Sarah Klein: SarahKlein@mednet.ucla.edu

I don't know how to develop a budget, what should I do?

First, look at CTAO's budget matrix and determine your project type. Take an initial try at developing the budget from our budget template. The budget will be reviewed by OES prior to submission to coverage analysis.

My study qualifies for an expedited Coverage Analysis review. What does this mean?

This means CTAO will approve the project with the expectation that you have reviewed all costs and ensured fixed costs are covered in the budget. There will be no comparison match of the UCLA and Sponsor budget to the final signed contract.

What does a full coverage analysis review mean?

A full coverage analysis review means the budgets will be matched item by item to the Sponsors budget, including a review of the final contract before signature.

I have been contacted by UCLA's Office of Compliance regarding an audit. What should I do?

Please contact your fund manager and provide all information that has been requested within the due date requested by the Compliance Office.