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    In recent years, the Office of Extramural Support (OES) has seen an increase in the number of Clinical Trials/Studies within the Semel Institute. There is a need to further develop a program that will help you meet your research needs. We strive to assist you from the beginning through the end stages of your clinical research experiences.

    We aim to work alongside your Team to help ensure that your proposal complies with coverage analysis and your budget covers all fixed costs. We reviwew the costs in the informed consent for patient participation or disbursement and make sure that the time/effort for the work involved in your research is properly covered.

    Please feel free to outreach to us today with your clinical trial/study needs.

    Services We Offer
    • Budget Development Assistance
    • Fixed Costs CPT Procedural Code Identification
    • Pre-Coverage Analysis
    • Budget Negotiations
    • Webinars/Training